Umbrella Head Roofing Nails

There has been a drastic change in the nail-making industry of China. The nail-making factories quantity are shrinking very fast in the past ten years.

A lot of the roofing nail factories have been closed due to fierce competition among manufacturers and traders.

We have found that Weifang city of China has the most umbrella head roofing nail factories. Weifang has had a long history of making iron nails since the establishment of PRC China. It is the main origin of Chinese-made iron nails including umbrella head roofing nails.

Umbrella Head Roofing Nails Use

This type of nail is a typical kind of fastener used in tropical countries. Umbrella nails are most popular in Nigeria and the Philippines.

In the Philippines, when builders add a corrugated roofing sheet onto the timber beam of a wooden house, the umbrella head roofing nails are the right type of nail for this purpose.

You can find this steel wire nail used for the same purpose in countries like Nigeria, etc.

Showcase of Umbrella Nails

umbrella head roofing nails
umbrella head roofing nails


What is the main purpose of umbrella nails?

They are used for installing steel roofing sheets on timber frames and plywood.

Disposable Plastic Gloves

In daily lifes you use many types of the gloves. In labour work you use work gloves made of cotton. At home, you will probably use disposable plastic gloves for preparing food.

HDPE Gloves China
HDPE Gloves in Block

Why people use poly gloves for preparing food?

There are a long list of reasons.

  • Plastic gloves are cheap.
  • Poly gloves are clean. They are food grade.
  • They are easy to buy from local stores.

Where I can buy disposable plastic gloves by bulk?

This is an important things to ask. If your purchase quantity is not big, you may buy from local wholesalers in your own country.

But if you are looking to by the disposable polyethylene gloves in thousands of cartons, you should buy from Chinese manufacturers directly.

You will have a complete guide to import gloves from China.

The benefits are obvious, that you can buy from the direct manufacturer and save your money.

There are also disadvantages if you import hand gloves from China. It will take more time than you expect. And the process are energy costing.

Disposable Polyethylene Gloves Types

Glove TypeFeatures
HDPE GlovesCheap. Crispy.
CPE GlovesThick and flexible.
TPE GlovesThickest with best tensile strength.
Poly gloves types
CPE Gloves
CPE Gloves

The most poly glove factories are located in China. It is a labour dense industry that requires lots of workers to work on the production line.

China has become the hub for poly gloves export with its advanced supply chain in the plastic industry.


What are CPE gloves made of?

It is made with same material of HDPE gloves.

Is CPE gloves and HDPE Gloves made in the same way?

No. CPE gloves are made from casting film. While HDPE gloves are made from blown film.

F17 Formply

F17 formply is structural formwork plywood used in Australia. The term is exclusively used in Australia and New Zealand. Other countries use different terms such film faced plywood, marineplex, marine plywood and plyform.

F17 Formply China

F17 Stress Grade

F17 is a stress grade of the structural plywood. If plywood is called F17 grade, it has to pass certain tests according to AS 6669 or AS/NZS 2269 standards. Both standards are structural. What does structural mean? It means the plywood can bear heavy loads and can last a long time in the building structure. Even though formwork plywood is a temporary structure, the Australian building industry still requires formply to be structural. Non-structural plywood is shipped to Australia too but it can not be used in governmental projects.

Besides F17, there are other stress grade such as F14, F11, F22, F27, F8, etc. They are graded based upon the bending strength of the ply panels.

Formply For Formwork

The F17 formply is a major wood material used by formwork companies. It provides support to the concrete. It is ideal for general formwork such as decks, pre-cast, and tilt-up panel construction.

F17 Formply Tested by JAS-ANZ

Good formwork plywood needs to pass a certification scheme to prove itself. Available schemes are Benchmark and Certmark. Both of them are authorized organization by JAS-ANZ, which is a joint certification organization in Australia and New Zealand.

F17 Formply Manufacturers

We are a phenolic bond plywood manufacturer in China. Currently looking for exclusive distributors in NSW, Victoria, Southern Australia, Queensland, Western Australia, and New Zealand.

F17 formply features A-bond adhesive and phenolic coated film overlay.