Disposable Plastic Gloves

In daily lifes you use many types of the gloves. In labour work you use work gloves made of cotton. At home, you will probably use disposable plastic gloves for preparing food.

HDPE Gloves China
HDPE Gloves in Block

Why people use poly gloves for preparing food?

There are a long list of reasons.

  • Plastic gloves are cheap.
  • Poly gloves are clean. They are food grade.
  • They are easy to buy from local stores.

Where I can buy disposable plastic gloves by bulk?

This is an important things to ask. If your purchase quantity is not big, you may buy from local wholesalers in your own country.

But if you are looking to by the disposable polyethylene gloves in thousands of cartons, you should buy from Chinese manufacturers directly.

You will have a complete guide to import gloves from China.

The benefits are obvious, that you can buy from the direct manufacturer and save your money.

There are also disadvantages if you import hand gloves from China. It will take more time than you expect. And the process are energy costing.

Disposable Polyethylene Gloves Types

Glove TypeFeatures
HDPE GlovesCheap. Crispy.
CPE GlovesThick and flexible.
TPE GlovesThickest with best tensile strength.
Poly gloves types
CPE Gloves
CPE Gloves

The most poly glove factories are located in China. It is a labour dense industry that requires lots of workers to work on the production line.

China has become the hub for poly gloves export with its advanced supply chain in the plastic industry.


What are CPE gloves made of?

It is made with same material of HDPE gloves.

Is CPE gloves and HDPE Gloves made in the same way?

No. CPE gloves are made from casting film. While HDPE gloves are made from blown film.